Monday, March 12, 2018

Whatabout Farrakhan

Any time there's a powerful anti-semitic racist Republican like, say, the president of the United States or many of his employees and advisers or his former chief of staff or..., we get around of "all liberals must denounce Farrakhan." And, yes, he has some bad views and, yes, some black politicians do have some relationships with him, but one doesn't have to defend any of that to note that Farrakhan is not the president of the United States, or one of his many employees or regular spokespeople that are trotted out regularly on cable news, and will not be lying in state when he dies. This is just a game of bothsides.

Also, this.

Jake Tapper's been leading the "whatabout Farrakhan" movement the "mainstream" press. Perhaps he should talk to his boss about Steve Bannon, someone a bit closer to power (recently and probably more in the future).