Friday, April 27, 2018

A Neverending Series of Self-Owns

It's petty and trivial, but we need a bit of fun with our pointless hobbies, and we must remember that being obsessive politics and news junkies is a mostly pointless hobby. One does not actually need to follow the latest bullshit from the latest pundit to be a well-informed citizen to know who to vote for. Actually most of us should spend 10% of the time we spend on the stupid shit we follow and use it to learn about local politicians whose names we learn 15 minutes before we head to the voting booth.

Still it is our hobby, and we have to find the fun of it. The one fun we do have is observing how stupid most conservatives are. They live to Own The Libs, and in fact "whatever owns the libs" drives most their policy preferences (of the rabble, not elites), but most of the time when they're OWNING US we're just laughing at them.

The racism and homophobia and misogyny does piss us off. You got us there, cons. Congrats.