Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Bad Transit Ideas

I'm generally of the opinion that if we're going to spend money on somewhat stupid too expensive things - which we do a lot of - there's nothing wrong with supporting the types of things that I actually like. Sure lots of projects are overpriced relative to the benefits they offer, but some things are evaluated differently than others. Nifty fighter jets that can't fly are held to a different standard than highway lane expansions which are held to a different standard than mass transit projects. Still this one is so bad and dumb that I'm fine with it being yanked.

The de Blasio administration may back off one of the mayor’s marquee transportation initiatives — a streetcar on the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront.

Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen said Tuesday that key studies for the Brooklyn-Queens Connector, called the BQX, are still underway.

I'm used to "transit by people who don't understand transit" in cities that don't have a lot of it, but the mayor of New York City, even one who drives everywhere, should have some clue.