Friday, April 27, 2018

Be The Change You Want To Be

It's a tiny thing and I don't want anyone to pat me on the back for this, but I've made a conscious point to, on balance, pick women or people of color (or both - crazy!) as authors for the next books I read. Not always, of course. Don't worry, white dudes, we will still have plenty of your books with us. I am not a voracious novel reader, but I read a bit, and while I'm not one to deny that The Classics have their merits, most us don't read only those. Some things I read these days I think are Very Good Literature and some things are Fun Crap, and that's the way things are with most fiction we consume and making a slight effort to read things by women and people of color means that, at the very least (though not just), the Fun Crap might tell me stories about things I am not entirely familiar with.