Saturday, April 07, 2018


One of the most annoying conversations on the internet goes something like this:

Me: This is bad.
Internet people: And this surprises you??????

I didn't say it surprised me. I said it's bad. I'm not exactly a sunny soul. Bad stuff usually doesn't surprise me. More than that, I'm usually not an idiot, and some bad things are completely predictable. They're still bad! It's worth pointing that out!

A related thing is people who always say things like, "Trump told us who he was on the campaign." Some people say that as a kind of sage, "all of this was foretold to those who cared to listen." And some use it as a weird justification, as if saying it on the campaign makes it ok. "This is what we voted for, now we just must accept it."

Neither is true, of course. Trump said a billion things on the campaign, often contradicting each other. That doesn't mean a reasonable person shouldn't have concluded that Trump Is Bad, but there is no straight line from campaign promise to action. His campaign promises were gibberish because the man's brain is gibberish and because he's a liar and because the press rarely tried to actually divine what President Trump might be like because they didn't think he would win and didn't care.

And this isn't how politics works. Well, he campaigned on this, so you have to shut up for 4 years and not criticize as he implements his agenda. '

Which brings us to the self-appointed Trump Whisperer, Maggie. She tweeted this last night.

I'm not sure who really thought it was an act, but "he is doing many of the things." Oh, is he now. Many of them!!! Sage and wise, Maggie. Perhaps you could've told people which things he meant and which things he didn't because it sounds like you knew that. Oh did you just mean he said a bunch of shit and some of it wasn't lies or gibberish? Well thanks for that observation, smart person.

Again...I am not surprised! Trump also said Mexico would pay for the wall, we'd have a great health plan minutes after he entered office, that he'd never cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, etc. I am not surprised this stuff is bullshit! But you can't point to Trump's campaign rhetoric and say, "well, this is what he told us he would do." Because at some point he probably told us he'd build an elevator to Jupiter. The man is addled and a liar. He says everything!