Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Fuck Greyhound

There was some ambiguity about whether Greyhound did or did not have a choice in the matter given that our "border" goes all the way to Missouri, but apparently not.

Border Patrol officers routinely board buses without a warrant, without specific people they’re targeting, up to 100 miles from the border — and ask passengers for their papers. Greyhound, the nation’s largest intercity bus line, lets the Border Patrol do it and doesn’t plan to stop.

Greyhound officials say they’re just complying with the law. But 10 ACLU state affiliates argue Greyhound has the right — and the responsibility to its passengers — to demand a warrant for Border Patrol officers to board its buses.

And, yes, I do take Greyhound sometimes. Not anymore.

You don't have to give a crap about immigrants and racism (I do!) to not want your bus boarded by a bunch of thugs demanding your papers, especially in a country where most people don't have, or certainly don't carry, any papers.