Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Go Long

I don't think it's especially important whether a giant corporation is doing the right thing "for the right reasons" because a giant corporation isn't a person and one can't really impute motives to it. Maybe it says something about the CEO, but really who cares? It's good if the desire to have good corporate PR aligns with doing the right thing not because that means the corporation is good, but because it means that they perceive that doing the right thing is popular. At the very least, making a big show means that.

Starbucks said on Tuesday it would close more than 8,000 of its stores in the United States on May 29 to conduct racial-bias training for nearly 175,000 employees.

I have no desire to defend Starbucks and do not care. I just mean that when a big racism happens it's good if they act like they think it's important.