Thursday, April 19, 2018

History's Greatest Monster

I enjoy the Netflix show Grace and Frankie. It isn't the best show ever made, but it has its moments. I'm glad Lily and Jane have work. Still it's funny how there's a TV show starring JANE FONDA and this hasn't inspired a peep from the usual suspects.

The kids won't understand - either the Vietnam or Iraq issues - but there was a moment when "Hanoi Jane" was resurrected. Jane Fonda - Academy Award winning actress and exercise video entrepreneur - was weirdly briefly turned once again into America's number one enemy. I went to a leftyish conference once where she was a speaker - and was on my flight home! - and even the lefties there were uncomfortable because she had been briefly resurrected as a lefty boogeyman.

I don't even remember if Fonda even said a thing about the Iraq war. But Hanoi Jane was resurrected to keep those Quaker protesters in line.

The anti-war people are *always* more right than wrong. Stupid anti-war lefties sometimes do and say stupid things, but those stupid things usually don't include "let's kill a million people and whoopsie bygones."