Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hopefully, At Least, The System Is Improving

The UK has been deporting black people who have lived there for their whole lives for lolz for awhile and it seems there is finally a backlash which might fix things. Might.

What is meant to happen is that British citizens do not find themselves in a Kafkaesque nightmare of trying to prove that they’re British citizens, on pain of being deported to countries they have not lived in for 50 years, if ever, simply because we have a Prime Minister who is ostensibly incapable of comprehending that immigrants are actually real people. What is meant to happen is that the government doesn’t maliciously ruin lives, just because half a decade ago its ministers were shitting themselves about UKIP. What is meant to happen is that you don’t fuck things up on this horrendous fucking scale in the first place.

Theresa May is bad.