Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I Am Shocked To Find That Fox News Has No Ethics

I do think the attitude of the "respectable" press corps changed about half way through the Obama administration, but for a long time they resisted crazy hippie criticisms of Fox as just being PARTISAN so, you know, BOTH SIDES and (self-flagellation) Fox has a point about just how LIBERAL we are.

My only theory about this over the years that gave some credit to these defenses was that none of these people ever watched Fox. Some of them worked with actual Fox reporters covering the White House, etc., and they seemed like reasonably "normal" reporters (and in some cases were), so they thought Fox was just that plus prime time opinionating, and also, too, so is MSNBC, so BOTH SIDES.

People had strong opinions about something they knew nothing about and ignored experts who did. Funny how common that is.


Fox will do nothing about Hannity and Todd will continue to treat them as a "serious new org" because those are the rules.