Friday, April 06, 2018


From NeverTrumpers another Hot Take is that it's actually the fault of LIBERALS that we have Trump. It's just a backlash to LIBERALISM GONE MAD. This would be a fair point if, say, it was a backlash to something Obama did. I mean, the D takeover of California was reasonably seen, in part, as a reaction to overreach by Pete Wilson. But that isn't precisely the NEVERTRUMPER argument. It's more like, "some guy on the internet was mean to conservatives and THAT'S WHY WE HAVE TRUMP." Or in some mostly made up story, college students were insufficiently deferential to Charles Murray and THAT'S WE HAVE TRUMP. Or, if they're a bit more honest, you liberals keep saying racism is bad and SHOVING HOMOSEXUALITY DOWN OUR THROATS (always down their throats) and THAT'S WHY WE HAVE TRUMP.

OK broadly speaking the election of Trump can be seen in part as a cultural backlash by the same angry white people who have been angry since before I was born. But you can't really blame "some guy on the internet" or "random college academics" or "whatever caricature of liberals Bill O'Reilly talks about every night" as agents in a political movement. True or false, good or bad, these are just people being people. They don't actually run the democratic party. Obama didn't put a bunch of gay hippies and Black Panthers in charge of everything. Most of America doesn't care about the Oberlin Student Council nearly as much as our elite pundits do.

What Democrats did do (both The Party and its people) was elect a black guy president and then nominate a woman to be his successor. To the extent that Dems are "at fault" that's it. Fine. Say it. That's the conservative anger Trump exploited. The election was close blahblahblah, and if the result had been flipped we wouldn't being having this conversation, but the dice roll went the wrong way and here we are.