Friday, April 13, 2018

The Answer is Obviously War

And surely Donald Trump and Theresa May have nothing but the best interests of the Syrian people at heart. The moderate rebels, at least!
What happened next? Iraq was reduced to a killing field: hundreds of thousands died; millions injured, traumatised or displaced; a sectarian conflagration ensued; the rise of Islamic state and other extremists. Libya, too, reduced to bloody chaos, a petri dish for murderous jihadis. And yet the politicians who orchestrated war, and their accomplices in the commentariat who helped build the case, are still treated as the statesmen and women of moderation; hard-nosed realists, the sensible inhabitants of “the real world”. In a just world, they would be disgraced, driven from public life, pariahs, every single one of them. Instead, they are paraded on television and given prestigious columns to incite yet further military interventions in the Middle East, without shame, without their bloody record being interrogated.