Monday, April 23, 2018

The Lifestyles Of The Megarich

I've always been confused by the "I'm rich, so I have a big mansion" norm. Obviously if you're megarich you can have a big mansion and a cardboard box, too, if you're so inclined. Maybe the big mansion is just for the TV cameras and you spend most of your time in your beloved cardboard box.

But assuming the big mansion is basically "home," what do you use all of this space for? Again, I get that the money is so inconsequential to Jeff Bezos that he can have 50 of these things, but, you know, size isn't everything, and maybe a Porsche, or even just a Lexus, is a bit more enjoyable than a semi?

Unless you regularly have *large numbers of other people staying with you* (which I also don't get - buy the hotel across the street to put your pals up), what do you do with 25 bathrooms?

Overseen by the Barnes Vanze architecture firm, the reno project covers 191 doors (many either custom mahogany or bronze), 25 bathrooms, 11 bedrooms, five living rooms/lounges, five staircases, three kitchens, two libraries/studies, two workout rooms, two elevators—and a huge ballroom. Read on for the highlights.

The article suggests they really do plan on having the DC center of socializing. If true, I supposed it makes some sense. Maybe? I still don't get it.