Monday, April 09, 2018

The Narrative

Baquet talks about political journalism like we joke about it.

STELTER: Is it surprising to you that the turmoil hasn't -- that we haven't seen more of a calming influence in the White House? It's been more than a year and the president is still promoting conspiracy theories about voter fraud, for example.


STELTER: I think the conventional wisdom might have been, oh, well, things will go a little calmer after a year.

BAQUET: I think we -- we sometimes the collective press made the mistake -- I mean, when Kelly was appointed, I -- all of us made a mistake of saying, here's a guy who's going to calm things down. I think that's because we have a sort of narrative that White Houses go like that.

Chapter 1: Turmoil in new administration.

Chapter 2: Wise old man of Washington enters, creates order and calm.

Type, print, see you for drinks.