Tuesday, April 03, 2018

The Other Timeline

This is plausible, though not of course an argument (nor is it meant to be) in favor of Clinton not winning. To some extent the 1st year of the Trump presidency was bizarrely incompetent (aside from the incompetence of the boss of course) because the Right was totally knocked off their gameplan. The investigations of the second failed Clinton presidency were all lined up. New York Times reporters were set to continue receiving the puke funnel from the various organs of the Right that they conspired with during the campaign. Fox News was set to be The Disloyal Opposition in a way that they never quite managed to be with Obama. Maureen Dowd was all set to switch from writing her column, "Actually, Democratic Men are Women," to her preferred column, "Actually, Democratic Women are Men." They were all going to have so much fun and nothing would have mattered.