Sunday, May 13, 2018

But That's What Trump Promised

I often think that this is wrong argument made by journalists who want justify everything Trump does by claiming it's what the people want. This is a weird view not applied to, say, Democratic administrations, but with Trump it isn't even true because mostly his "campaign promises" were contradictory gibberish. Yes he promised to get rid of ACA but he also promised to replace it with something better and while maybe that last part is more ambiguous it's still important.

But the one thing he was clear about - if not on all the details - was that immigrants, especially brown ones, are bad and he was going to do something about that. You can't be surprised by that one.

Harry Phillips, owner of Russell Hall Seafood, understands that. Like his neighbours, he voted for Trump and supports him. But he believes the president has been misinformed on the seasonal H-2B worker visas and would see the devastating results in one quick visit to the island.

“We’re 15 minutes away from Washington by helicopter,” says Phillips, whose crab house was quiet Sunday morning, with empty bushel baskets stacked high because the crab pickers aren’t coming. “There’s a landing pad for the helicopter, and we would welcome him here. If the president could just come and see what’s happening to American workers, he could see it right here, the effects of all this.”