Monday, May 21, 2018

Cars Make People Crazy

Having had occasion to drive a bit more than usual recently, what the hell is wrong with people? I'm talking about the road ragers, and impatiently aggressive drivers in general. Look, buddy, you're gonna save 45 seconds on your journey max if you drive like that, and increase your change of killing or being killed by a nontrivial amount.

This wasn't the most important moment, but it was so ridiculous I was a bit stunned. I was at a light on a not very busy exurban intersection. I was paying attention. Like 100% paying attention. I was not staring at my phone or looking out into space or zoning out. I was staring at the light waiting for it to change colors. It changed colors. I started to move my foot onto the gas pedal as fast as any human reasonably can. Before my foot got all the way there the guy behind me was honking and making enraged faces at me.