Friday, May 04, 2018

Fever Dreams

This dream is probably most notable in that I remember it surprisingly clearly, as opposed to all of the other weird dreams I soon forget:

I saw a parrot in a tree. I put my finger out to it hoping it would land on my finger so I could return it to its owner, as there is a guy a couple blocks away who has a parrot and lets it perch on a tree outside his place when the weather is nice. It landed on my finger. On my way to delivering his parrot I realized the parrot was actually an iguana, so I had to find the iguana's owner. A few years ago an iguana appeared on my back porch and evaded attempts to capture it. I later found it that it was my neighbor's and it had escaped. So I tried to return to my block to find the iguana owner but my block had been taken over by some weird theater production which somehow included some very large trains which would not actually fit on my block unless you demolished the houses. I never found the iguana owner.