Sunday, May 20, 2018

"Gun Culture"

It's just one of the terms that I think is so ridiculous that I can't understand why anybody uses it. I also hate when people preface their lukewarm support for any gun control with, "As a gun owner,... " Go melt those things down, asshole. What do you need a gun for? Just part of the problem.

I get that some people have a genuine "need" for guns. And some people like to hunt. And some people like to go to the shooting range and go pew pew pew. They aren't magic totems, something which gives you credibility simply by virtue of owning one. Here is a picture of me going pew pew pew at the gun range, therefore I have authority to speak on this subject. They're tools or toys, depending. What is this "culture" bullshit?

Anyone who carries as a matter of course or has one for "self defense" in the home is just part of the problem.