Monday, May 21, 2018

No Stress In That Job

Every time I try to picture this I think...who could handle the stress of that job? I don't care what kind of VR 360 degree panoramic visual brain implant display you have. This just won't work.

Call Centers
Self-driving cars won’t be infallible. In case they get stuck or stumped by things like road construction, humans in call centers (maybe former Uber and Lyft drivers) will be ready to take control and get them out of jams.

I'm sure with a bit of creative thinking they can make these "gig economy" jobs, too! You can do it from your phone!

I know this topic bores most of you but I gotta post about something. Anyway it's this kind of thing which makes me keep pushing the idea that safety as conventionally understood isn't really the issue. I mean, it could be, and will be to some degree, but if they work they'll be safe enough. The point is... they aren't going to work! Not well enough.

I get how seen from certain parts of newish California, with nice weather and very standardized wide stroads, etc... this all seems easy. And, ok, maybe they'll work well enough in those places, though I still don't see them working well/cheaply enough to be... useful? But good luck in Philly.