Tuesday, May 08, 2018


Having spent some additional time in the suburbs lately I can say - holy hell what the fuck have we created?

I spent my late growing up years (after some stints in Australia and Switzerland and elsewhere) in what we would now call the exurbs but they aren't exurbs anymore. I mean, they are, sort of, but now they're more suburbs of the suburbs, which is to say suburbs without an urb.

The traffic is...intense. I don't mean rush hour traffic on the commute to the urb. That has long been true. I mean everywhere. All those country lanes that grew up to be paved roads and then...couldn't grow up anymore. They're just clogged. That cute bridge is now backed up constantly. No one seems to understand that maybe an additional traffic light would be good? Those 4 way stops are not.

I laugh at people who say driving in the city is hard. First, you don't have to drive. Second, yes, driving in and out of the city is a nightmare. Driving in it? Eh, don't do it, but it isn't hard.