Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Boy Is Doing It

The thing I don't get about deliberate misconduct by cops and DAs designed to convict innocent people is that as far as I can tell, in this city at least, there isn't actually much pressure to do it (or, alternatively, rewards for doing it). Except for the very few cases which became high profile cases, I don't know where the pressure to close these cases is coming from. I mean that aside from the very obvious issues of it being WRONG and that it leaves an innocent murderer out there.

In an extraordinary step, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office on Tuesday pointed an accusatory finger at onetime members of its own office, asserting in a court motion that police and prosecutors helped to convict a city man of murder a decade ago by “hiding” evidence that suggested he was innocent, possibly breaking the law in the process.


Patterson’s prosecution, the motion says, was “illogical” and “completely lacking in integrity.” Not only was Patterson improperly imprisoned, the motion says, but the victim’s family was given a false sense of closure and the public was ill-served when the likely shooter remained on the streets until he was killed.