Thursday, June 14, 2018

Because They're Stupid

One of my rules of "scandals with legs" is that they have to be a little bit stupid. It's a sad comment on all of us, but one reason people can't stop talking about something is because it's a little bit stupid and we all feel the need to say "BUT THIS IS STUPID" and explain why it is stupid and why it is so stupid that "we" keep talking about it but we can't stop talking about it because it is SO STUPID.

And that is what Elon and Rahm have done to me with their Tunnel of Love ride to the airport. I will never be able to stop talking about this or thinking about it or wanting to explain just how stupid it is even though the stupidest is part is that it will never be built and I need to spend my time thinking about more important things like past seasons of The Bachelor.