Friday, June 29, 2018

Bloomberg Isn't That Stupid

So I have no idea what game he's playing.

We all understand that if you know anything about power in American politics, that if you are roughly on board with the agenda of one party over the other, then you're pretty much an idiot for voting for (for example) the "good moderate Republican" over the "bad conservative Democrat" even if the good moderate Republican (I think there used to be a couple) is genuine (though ultimately any good moderate Republican would switch parties for the reason I am about to explain). Having a majority in the House or Senate is much more important than electing any individual person, no matter how good or bad, and of course in the Senate that means you need 60 (sometimes! it's confusing) so it's even more true.

This is the mostly true logic for supporting, for example, anti-choice Democrats.

Anyway the point is that if Bloomberg wants to flip the House to Democrats, and he's putting a lot of money into doing that, he can't have his left and right hands wrestling each other. So what is he doing?