Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Labour's Brexit

I suspect I don't agree with Jeremy Corbyn's actual (not entirely known) position on Brexit, but there's this weird thing in British punditry right now where the mostly anti-Brexit serious pundit class, who generally hate Corbyn and as in America basically want Very Serious Tories to run the country (not necessarily the Bad Tories but, you know, the good ones, whoever they might be though no one quite knows who they are). Essentially they want Labour - which doesn't run the government and has less power than Democrats in Congress now - to somehow clean up Theresa May's mess.

It really is like The Discourse in this country. Republicans are painted as the Responsible Daddy Party and then they get drunk and fuck everything up and then the Mommy Party is supposed to clean up the puke as punishment for failing to keep Daddy away from the liquor cabinet in the first place.