Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Racism

Philly has a history of racism as bad as any city (there are some good moments, too, but generally). Third generation white flighters still talk about how the blahs ruined the old neighborhood, and those left behind are still mad that those people ruined their neighborhood.

The weird thing is that recent visible (visible means "don't obviously blend in" to white people) immigration - Latino (mostly Mexican) and Asian (Vietnamese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Chinese...) - hasn't inspired a big racist backlash. I don't mean every white person loves their new Cambodian neighbor, just that... it isn't a thing. Aside from the racist cheesesteak place - and that's for tourists and people in South Jersey (the racist cheesesteak guy lived in South Jersey) - there isn't a politics of racism against immigrants. Of course there is racism in institutions (cops, unions, criminal justice, etc...). Again I am not pretending Philly is not a racist place, just that the racism against... immigrants... has mostly not been a thing here.