Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Choose A Path

It isn't perfectly simple, of course, but I've always leaned towards social media platforms - and that includes publishing sites like BLOGGER - being as content neutral possible. For social media you do have to give users good tools to control who they let themselves interact with, and some lines for dealing with users who engage in actual harassment (and twitter specifically has a bot problem), but they make a big mistake getting to deep into the content filtering game. Of course Facebook has always had strong content "standards" of a certain type.

Let me post stupid shit on my wall. If other people want to share it, who cares. The problem is that facebook specifically has had ever evolving ways of not just letting you do this, but actively encouraging "sharing" and the placement (purchase) of ads which push bullshit content, along with their own content curation. And that's because they want to make money off of the bullshit. I mean, I only see bullshit on facebook, aside from the what trusted friends actually post. That's where the money is.

And there's no such as a neutral "algorithm." Again, they don't need the damn algorithms. But that's where the money is...