Monday, July 09, 2018


I lived in the UK for awhile recently (where in the world is Atrios? I don't always tell you) and Boris was mayor then. He was a mostly useless figurehead, as the Mayor of London doesn't have much power and he delegated most of what he did have because he was lazy, but he was a reasonable cheerleader for a place which didn't need one, and a mostly harmless upper class twit who cycled around on his bicycle with his absurd hair and rumpled suits. Then he became a Brexiteer (after being an anti-Brexiteer) to further his political career for reasons I don't understand. Again, because he's lazy. The man has no desire to do any work and being Foreign Secretary or Prime Minister requires a minimal amount of effort. This is a type of ambition I do not understand.

Boris Johnson has resigned as foreign secretary, becoming the third minister in 24 hours to walk out of the government rather than back Theresa May’s plans for a soft Brexit.