Thursday, July 12, 2018

Taking It Off The Table

One of the fantasies of too many center left types is that there's some way to get together, find an acceptable compromise, and take an issue off the table FOREVER. The ultimate example of this was abortion. For years well-meaning (some, anyway) liberals and Democrats believed in some sort of GRAND COMPROMISE about abortion that would just let that nasty issue go away for all eternity. Fortunately I think those people mostly figured it out finally, though you still get lots of trolling from "center right" (they don't really exist, but let's pretend) types who keep pretending that such a deal is on offer. Usually this trolling is something like, "abortion is only legal in the first trimester in FRANCE why don't you want to be like FRANCE libturds?" which of course ignores every other aspect of the French health care and legal system surrounding abortion which are not part of this nonexistent deal.

But they wouldn't and won't stop at the first trimester, anyway. No compromise is forever. It'd just be another battle won, in preparation for the next battle. Some of them truly believe abortion is murder. Most just want to deny (other) women any sexual and reproductive agency. They think birth control should be illegal. They aren't kidding about this stuff, and it's their life's work.