Friday, August 03, 2018

6 Minutes

Because we see it happen differently on teevee and in the movies, I suspect most don't know that killing someone by asphyxiation with a chokehold takes *a long time.* 5 minutes or more of *continuous air obstruction.* It's hard to do. You really can't do it by accident.

A video recording of the arrest, obtained by The Advocate, shows officers growing frustrated with Frank, 44, after he refuses to step down from a tractor near a Walmart store along La. 1. A use-of-force expert who reviewed the 10-minute recording at the newspaper's request says the law officers escalated the exchange by placing Frank in a choke hold and attempting to yank him off the tractor.

And you, Mr. Stinson, are a shit person and I wish nothing but happy encounters for you with the police in your future.

Philip Stinson, an associate professor of criminal justice at Bowling Green State University, disagreed that the officers were to blame for escalating the conflict. Officers are entitled to use as much force as necessary while making an arrest, Stinson said.

“When a police officer says that they have a warrant for you, you need to get off the tractor and come with us, that’s not negotiable. You can’t negotiate that, even if it turns out there wasn’t a warrant or it was an invalid warrant,” Stinson said.