Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Anyone Can See

There's a certain kind of pundit (many if not necessarily most) who treat everything as theater, as a game with an outcome that affects no one, or at least not them, which is the same thing (though they do squeal when the few things which do affect them are front and center). Maybe this is in part an outcome of supposed norms of journalism, in which even somewhat supposedly ideological (they're all ideological, it's about how much they admit it) pundits are supposed to observe, not participate, to be disconnected referees of the great game. Still I just wonder constantly... how little empathy do these people have? How can it be that their own lives have been so untouched by strife?

I don't really distinguish "pundits" from "political reporters" much. At least once they start going on teevee regularly the difference is mostly which name tag they wear.