Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How Things Change

This is boring meta, but early on in the blogging world I made a post which got some attention because it was definitive proof that one of our very respectable conservative pundits was a complete hack. Weorge Gill, I think his name rhymed with. But what was funny is no one - online, in the meatspace media - would attribute this blog or me by name (actual or pseudonym, whatever) or link to it. Linking to some random guy on the internet (which I basically was then) was... somehow wrong... that the simple facts of the post would be discredited if they were associated with a mere "blog" and it was best to therefore pretend it didn't exist.

Not reminiscing about the glory days. I'm just reminded of that whenever very serious journalists do things like think parody twitter accounts are real and retweet and cite them, something which happens regularly (hi Chris Cillizza) these days.