Friday, August 03, 2018

Kill Bars

Tall vehicles generally are deadly for pedestrians and smaller cars, but the addition of kill (bull) bars also reduces safety for the occupants of the vehicles. But they look cool, brah.

I know I live in an urban hellhole, but I live in a very residential neighborhood. Most streets around me are not thoroughfares. I actually think drivers are generally pretty decent, even if it's cool for people like me to complain about them. But it doesn't take that many bad ones to cause problems. The other day some guy started honking and was about an inch away from road rage because my friend was...crossing in a crosswalk, something she started to do before he even reached the stop sign.

Pedestrians are aliens some places, but in the city... unless you get chauffeured door to door literally everywhere, eventually you're a pedestrian. That people fail to realize this always puzzles me.