Wednesday, August 01, 2018

People Are So Stupid

At this point "hyperloop" seems to be anything that travels in one of the tunnels that Elon hasn't built yet, not just the 700MPH vacuum tube bullet, but this is so dumb.

Elected Cupertino officials have been quietly meeting with hyperloop companies they say might be a better transportation solution than a business tax.

I can't read the article but the point is to get Apple to contract with "hyperloop" to build something from San Jose to the Apple Suburban Office Park of 60s Futurist Dreams, which is about 10 miles. Whatever "hyperloop" is, it's very low capacity. You don't need something to go very fast to go 10 miles. 75MPH in its own "lane" (tunnels, separated, elevated, whatever) is fast enough! You need to be able to put a few hundred on each trip. Elon's "I can build smaller tunnels...for cheaper" just means he can build... a lower capacity system. Add to that all the dumb stuff about driving your car onto a sled or whatever. It's low capacity.