Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Man Does Not Like To Admit He Is Wrong

In some ways Jake Tapper is better than your average press bear, but also in some ways... not so much. The glibertarians did a study which showed Bernie's plan saved TWO TRILLION DOLLARS which wasn't what they wanted to highlight. They wanted to highlight the fact that government would spend TRILLIONS ON HEALTH CARE. Then the glibertarians decided that if you focused on some other plan then that other plan didn't save two trillion dollars so that meant that Bernie's plan didn't really save two trillion dollars. Of course that is good enough for the press, who get all their economics and policy stuff from right wing think tanks, which decided that lefties were wrong and dumb again.

Than Tapper took it a step further and said Bernie was a big liar because he claimed the study said his plan would save THE GOVERNMENT two trillion dollars which isn't true and also, too, Bernie and his people never said that.

Then it's all just too confusing to correct.