Friday, August 17, 2018

They'll Be So Much Safer Than Human Drivers

Once we completely redo our driving infrastructure and ban pedestrians.

You’re crossing the street wrong.

That is essentially the argument some self-driving car boosters have fallen back on in the months after the first pedestrian death attributed to an autonomous vehicle and amid growing concerns that artificial intelligence capable of real-world driving is further away than many predicted just a few years ago.


But to others the very fact that Ng is suggesting such a thing is a sign that today’s technology simply can’t deliver self-driving cars as originally envisioned. “The AI we would really need hasn't yet arrived,” says Gary Marcus, a New York University professor of psychology who researches both human and artificial intelligence. He says Ng is “just redefining the goalposts to make the job easier,” and that if the only way we can achieve safe self-driving cars is to completely segregate them from human drivers and pedestrians, we already had such technology: trains.

It isn't really about trains - as in things on rails - if you're willing to have completely segregated rights of way it can be buses or self-driving scooters or whatever. But cities are made of people. People gotta go somewhere, and then they get out of their vehicles and...

Ban pedestrians? Fuck you. Ban cars.