Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Area Reporters Report Their Prime Sources Don't Know Anything, Miss This Big Scoop

Title is slight exaggeration, but Marcy gets this right.

In an article about how Trump’s lawyers, generally, are clueless, and demonstrating though not reporting that the lawyers providing information to the press are part of that general cluelessness, Maggie and Mike don’t pause to reflect on whether that leaves them, too, clueless.

So when Trump tries to understand his plight by reading Maggie and Mike, he would believe a fiction largely created by the lies he has already told his lawyers and his preference for PR rather than solid legal advice.

Roughly, Trump's lawyers don't really know anything, but they (the real lawyers and especially the teevee ones) talk to the press a lot to spin the investigation. Trump gets his information about it from these press reports, especially the conservative propaganda channel version of those reports, and this further reinforces the bullshit loop.