Friday, September 21, 2018

I Read Books

Recently we've had several profiles of people like Bannon and Ben Shapiro and some others in which the profiler asserts their intellectual prowess by pointing out that They Read Books. I'm not even one who thinks that Reading Books is the one and true path to knowledge, but I also know that Reading Books is a fairly normal thing that lots of people do, and not the intellectual mountain climbing as it is portrayed. I'd think that people who write for a living and generally hobnob in the literati scene, as such profilers do, would not be impressed by the Reading Books aspect of these people, but for some reason they are. As for reading The Classics like Sun Tzu and Hayek and Ayn Rand and Kilgore Trout, again these are all things which a billion people have read, or have claimed to (except for Kilgore Trout, whose only success was Venus on the Half Shell), so what is there to be impressed about?