Friday, September 14, 2018

On Teevee

I never desired fame (being at one point in my life somewhat internet famous was sort of amusing but I didn't precisely like it) which is why when a certain cable news network host asked me to come on as a sort of audition to be a regular I said "nah..." Also I didn't much like that host and traveling to NYC regularly in nice clothes and doing this blog for you, dear readers, at the same time would have been hard (I also probably would have been bad at it). My bank account regrets the decision.

Still there are people who... seem to just need to be on teevee and radio? I even mean over and above the general desire for fame. Like life isn't real if they aren't on teevee. Trump is like that, of course, but we also see it in people who have been driven out of their jobs (Bill O'Reilly) who, despite being rich and still famous, can't cope with just not being on teevee.

It's weird.