Wednesday, September 05, 2018

The First Rule Of Elites Is - Don't Be Mean To Us

I'm not quite sure how Bannon got in "the club." Yes he's a rich white guy with a Goldman Sachs background, etc, but also part of his thing was, at least for show, shitting on the club. You have to be a member in pretty good standing to be able to get away with that. They want to know you are one of them even if you tell the rubes you aren't. Also he's an anti-Semitic white nationalist fascist? Usually the first one of those gives people a little pause, or at least it used to. Also, too, most club members are required to have at least better self-presentation skills than I do.

Now he's all washed up but club members still treat him like a big curiosity instead of a Saturday Night Live joke. Sure he's a white supremacist fascist, but the big problem is David Remnick obeying the twitter mob and his own unruly employee and disinviting him from an event which was in the process of losing the rest of its guests, shrieks Bret Stephens on America's Worst Oped page (you can find it yourself). This is the kind of defense which is only made for club members by other wannabe club members.

Blogofascism, the twitter mob, "campus PC,"... all variations of the same thing. Free speech requires that people who aren't in the club shut the fuck up. OK, I get that, as dumb as it is, but how the hell is Bannon in the club?