Saturday, October 20, 2018

Cool That Sounds Interesting

Running fixed route self-driving vehicles (with a driver and "chaperone" in the car just in case) sounds like a great idea. I mean, with 3 vehicles (later 5) you'll be able to carry 15 (25) people at a time with just 6 (10) employees.

Today, startup is launching a self-driving car service in Arlington, Texas, which sits halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth and is home to the Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium. The service will run several routes in multiple parts of the city, bustling to and from big venues including that stadium, Globe Life Park (where baseball’s Texas Rangers play), and the Arlington Convention Center.

I mean it's cool that this company is gonna provide this service for free while doing their rese..(record scratch): is set to run these routes for a year, and while it’s not charging riders anything, it’s being paid $434,952 for the service. A federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Improvement Grant will provide $343,000; the rest comes Arlington’s coffers.

Who knows? Maybe this kind of research is a great use of public money. But Arlington basically doesn't any public transit. The willingness of places to throw money at things like this which at best have a miniscule capacity...

AT&T Stadium holds 100,000 people.