Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It Isn't The Lies, It's The Lying

Everybody lies, some. I'm not going to debate the ethics of dishonesty. But Trump lies all the time. The question isn't whether a particular declaration is true, or partially true, or exaggeration, or hyperbole, or a bit wrong. It doesn't even matter most of the time. The specifics don't matter. The point is that his utter disregard for the truth means that nothing that comes out of his mouth should be evaluated on some truth-fiction scale. It's all a lie, because he's indifferent to whether what comes out of his mouth is true or not. If it's true it's only an accident.

I don't think this is some big challenge the reporters make it out to be. This idea of deference to the office of the presidency is a made up notion that only applies sometimes. It's stupid and it's fake. He's just a man. If someone lies to all you all the time, even if they're a newsworthy figure you treat them accordingly. You know, as if they are liars. The UK press (which has its own problems so I am not being envious overall) has no trouble dealing with lying politicians. They're people. They work for us. If they're full of shit, discount everything they say and ignore them most of the time.