Thursday, October 04, 2018


Often I can't figure out if our great political reporters are idiots or if they just play them on TV (or in the funny papers). What has Ben Sasse done to deserve this?

I don't mean what has Ben Sasse done that I like (nothing). I mean, literally, what has Sasse done from a liberal, conservative or dipshit centrist perspective? I suppose he's done some dipshit centrist stuff - the white people version of "kids today gotta pull their pants up" and occasionally explained, very sadly, that he is powerless to do anything except explain, very sadly, that he is powerless to do anything. But that stuff is stupid! So transparently stupid! I don't like dipshit centrism - either the D or "Republican moderate" kinds - but the press at least used to make them work for it a bit. Every 6 years or so The Maverick actually did a Mavericky thing.

Also, too, I hope no senator can commit to this because we still pretend to have elections in this country.

(Kane is the Post's senior congressional correspondent, not some rando)