Friday, October 19, 2018

Remember When You Could Be Too Racist?

I don't think there was some past golden era when The Discourse did not sanction a lot of racism, and to some degree I think there's been an improvement in the way there is public acknowledgment that racism is more than just using a racial slur or being caught obviously discriminating against an individual because of their race. Like in the past you could advocate and support horribly racist policies - which many eventheliberals did - but if your racism was a bit worse than dogwhistle there would be a backlash. We didn't get the loving profiles of actual white supremacists and Nazis- who, by the way, don't like Jews much! - and while there were racist political ads we still remember some of them today. They weren't just part of the background noise, they were, for better or worse, kind of a big deal.