Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Sunday Roundtables

Been tuning out a bit on weekends so forgot, but for 10/21:

Face the Nation:

Susan Page (neutral), Jonah Goldberg (conservative idiot), Susan Glasser (neutral)

Meet the Press:

Eugene Robinson (liberal), Katy Tur (neutral), Peggy Noonan (conservative), David Brody (conservative):

This Week:

Mary Bruce (neutral), Kim Strassel (conservative), Juan Williams (?)

I'm labeling people by how they plausibly self-identify, personally or with their job title. Not making judgments on what I think of them. I'm honestly not sure how to classify Williams in this.

But, anyway, we have 4 conservatives, 1 liberal, 4 neutrals, and Juan Williams.

Liberal media strikes again.