Friday, October 05, 2018

The Rot Comes From The Top

There is a class of people who for reasons too obvious to bother explaining are greatly invested in the idea that what is really important is that The People continue to Respect Our Grand Institutions. It is more important that The People have faith in the gooditude of the Supreme Court than it is that the Supreme Court is actually Good, for example.

After Bush v. Gore only crazy weirdos on the internet suggested that maybe this was a bit of a legitimacy crisis for that grand institution. Hell, only assholes on the internet bothered to point out that it was BUSH v. Gore as the alternative myth took hold. And we looked forward. I could go on.

This will be the impulse if Kavanaugh is confirmed. For the good of the country, we must respect the majesty of the Senate and the glory of our constitution and most of all the supreme respectability and nonpartisanitude of the Supreme Court and the majest of the LAW. Whatever the reality.

Pressures to conform will be high. Pointing out that the club is maggot infested garbage is the quickest way to get yourself kicked out of the club.

It will still fall to assholes like me* on the internet.

*not necessarily me, of course.