Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Trump Cash

I've long said that whatever legal issues Trump should be worried about, he isn't really worried about legal issues, and he certainly isn't worried about "Russian collusion" (I think he means this!). He isn't even worried about being found out to be a crook. He knows he's a crook, but to him that just means he's a good businessman. He's worried about being found out as a fraud. Not as a man who commits fraud - he's proud of that! - but as a fraud of a person. He's not the man whose Daddy "only" lent him a million bucks, or the man who got rich being Mr. Deals. He's not the man with the Midas Touch, aside from his toilet, but actually a man who was given all his money illegally and lit most of it on fire, turning everything around him to shit.

I don't have time to go through this in detail right now, but have fun!