Wednesday, October 31, 2018


If you claim to care about politics, it's the least you can do, assuming you haven't been purged from the voter rolls or that other obscene barriers have not been placed in front of you preventing you from doing that. That annoying guy who will spend 4 hours explaining why the purity of his essence requires that he doesn't vote is a total dick. I agree!

But lots of people don't vote. Most of them don't spend much time thinking about politics. Some of them don't see the point of voting and also don't spend 4 hours explaining this to you. They just have other things to do. Some have dumb ideas! Some think it doesn't really matter who is in charge. Maybe they have a point! For some people a half an hour (or more!) seems like a big bother. I work from home and have no kids and walk 200 feet to my polling place so it really is a zero effort thing. That isn't true for everybody.

Some people, like that dude who is a dick, are unreachable. That's fine. But everybody else... gotta convince them to vote. Go to elections with the electorate you have.