Sunday, October 07, 2018

With Great Power Comes Some Minor Inconveniences

I'm not entirely sure why people choose the spotlight of politics, especially when they don't seem to be all that interested in governing (for good or evil). I don't think being in Congress - even in the Senate - is all that great a job for someone relatively wealthy who could have other jobs where people kiss your ass. But despite their best efforts - and also efforts by lickspittles in the elite press - being a public figure has its downsides, whether you are a senator or Brad Pitt. And if Brad Pitt makes a shitty movie it doesn't really impact me all that much. It'd probably be rude for me to yell at him for his subpar voice work in Megamind, but it comes with the territory.

Not precisely who I have in mind, but it's a good example.

“I’m in the middle of doing my workout: Sorry, I can’t do this now,” Mr. de Blasio says. As a member of his security detail steps in, Mr. de Blasio gets up to leave. “I’m not doing this here,” the mayor says as he walks out with his phone in hand. “I’m in the middle of a workout.”

Mr. Mayor has a convoy SUV escort to his gym in Brooklyn, daily, so he can be a man of the people by not talking to any of them.