Sunday, November 04, 2018

A Time To Compromise

One of the not remarked upon enough things about the last couple of years is that on some issues - immigration in particular - Trump has been making it sound as if Democrats were preventing Congress from doing "something." Obviously it isn't entirely clear what "something" is, other than money for "the wall," but Mr. Deals is always complaining that the Dems won't give him whatever it is he wants. Of course a bit of knowledge that only deep political insiders have is that Actually, the Republicans control both houses of Congress, and that it isn't even the Senate, where in theory the minority can obstruct things a bit, which is causing problems.

If the Dems do actually take the House (or even the Senate!) the usual press calls for them to compromise with Republicans, which involves giving the Republicans as much baby cage money as they ask for, will return. Because those are the rules.